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Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces’ - Exhibition Introduction


Welcome to this exhibition, which we hope you will enjoy. On show are examples of work from seven members of Kingston Artists' Open Studios: Chris Birch, Emily Limna, Jenny Meehan,  Richard Tomlin,  Derek Turner,  Hilary Walker, and Jude Wild. The exhibition has been curated by Jenny Meehan.


The exhibition focuses our ‘sacred spaces’. As artists we respond to the sensations and images around us; we analyse our thoughts and emotions; examine ourselves and our experiences through the process of making our artworks, and in so doing we discover a means of creating for ourselves a ‘sacred space’.


"The imagination is fundamental to all human activity; indeed, exercising imagination is the creative and critical, intuitive and integrative process central to human becoming. It gives us the power to remember the past, to shape our desires, and to project possibilities for the future." Christine Valters Paintner


We hope that in viewing this exhibition, you too will experience some ‘Sacred Space’ of your own.


Please contact the artists and offer your feedback if you find the experience of looking helpful. It is always an encouragement!

All the artwork is available to buy. Please use the purchase form in order to reserve a piece.




‘Sacred Spaces’  -  Exhibition Development Discussion  Summary


Responding to an invitation to exhibit with the theme of contemplation, seven artists from Kingston Artists' Open Studios met together to discuss their submitted art work and their creative practice and process. The idea of our working space (both interior and exterior) being a ‘sacred space’ was considered.


The word ‘sacred’ descends from the Latin ‘sacrum’ of which ‘sanctum’ is related. We noted that the ‘creative zone’ is akin to the idea of a place set apart and, in this sense, holy space. A place of playful exploration and experimentation and one proving both therapeutic and enlightening.


Engagement with the natural environment, sound and silence, our emotional intelligence, are important aspects of our lives which feed our need to create art. Making space for art working is an investment in our personal development, a means of self-expression and self-realisation, bringing form to feelings and thoughts in a tangible and material way.


We all found the task of defining our own creative journeys challenging in the light of the huge number of distractions and the amount of imagery we are bombarded by in today's current culture.


Some of us work to regular studio times and others in a more piecemeal fashion. By intentionally creating space in our lives through our imaginations and creative impulses, we can meet our need to make space. Perhaps this is all part of a search for a greater fulfilment and a way of bringing meaning to our lives, regardless of our particular religious or philosophical beliefs.


We value your feedback and are interested in your response to our work, recognising that they may be interpreted differently, according to each person’s experiences.




Below is the text from the "Sacred Spaces" exhibition curated by Jenny Meehan and held at Leatherhead Theatre in 2014.

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KAOS artists, from top left then clockwise:  Emily, Richard, Chris,  Jenny and Hilary.  Jude and Derek are represented by the two busts as absent for the photograph!

(Note: The two busts were not part of the exhibition but were in place due to the Leatherhead Drama Festival.

sacred spaces art exhibition leatherhead theatre web1 sacred spaces art exhibition leatherheadweb3 sacred spaces art exhibition leatherheadweb4

Sacred Spaces Exhibition 2014 Leatherhead Theatre

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The exhibition's focus is on each artist's "sacred space" in the sense that in creating, responding to the sensations and images around us, processing our thoughts and emotions  and exploring ourselves and  our experiences through the method of making art works we are discovering a means of creating for ourselves a  "sacred space".

"I think it's a great way for all artists involved to get more from taking part in an exhibition, which sometimes can feel like not much more than delivering a painting and then collecting it again at the end of the show." Jude



"Setting aside time just to meet, talk, reflect and to listen to

other peoples points of view with no distractions was very

rewarding  - its something that I haven't done for a long time."  Chris

"The imagination is fundamental to all human activity; indeed, exercising imagination is the creative and critical, intuitive and integrative process central to human becoming.  It gives us the power to remember the past, to shape our desires, and to project possibilities for the future."


" the imagination is the central faculty of creativity, allowing us to imagine the unseen and give form to the new.  The imagination is what allows us to see meaning hidden in the depths of the world.  Creativity is at the heart of many human pursuits: art- making, dreaming and discerning our futures, creating loving relationships, playing in our leisure time, generating new ideas in the workplace, building new visions for what is possible for our communities, and working toward justice."


  Christine Valters Paintner

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Jenny Meehan

 Artist -Author - Painter - Poet


Jenny Meehan is based in East Surrey/South West London, UK. The

"jamartlondon" website gives you an introduction to her art working. For a more extensive online publication of her creative project follow her activities in more detail through the  "Jenny Meehan Artist's Journal - The Artist's Meandering Discourses - Poetry - Painting - Spirituality"  on Wordpress.com.


Things are kept minimal in the "jamartlondon" online publication, but "Jenny Meehan Artist's Journal - The Artist's Meandering Discourses" is the artist's area for personal exploration, notetaking, and thinking out loud.  There is a larger variety of Jenny Meehan's art work published in her online Journal, so skim though and see what you find!



"Sacred Spaces" Exhibition:  An example of curation and exhibition organisation by Jenny Meehan

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