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Under the subheadings are some examples of my past poetry.  This selection gives you an idea of my interests.


My writing perspective is rooted in a progressive and Christ-centred spirituality as it is expressed and experienced in my own journey of faith.  I am particularly interested in the relationship between poetry and painting and often recognise correspondences between them within my own creative art working.


Jenny (Jennifer) Meehan


“As music is the poetry of sound,

so is painting the poetry of sight.”


— James McNeill Whistler


pen and ink strip with mountweb jenny meehan

"Pen and Ink on a Torn Strip"  by Jenny Meehan 2016


24x34cm external frame size.  Unique Digital Print on Paper  Framed in a black frame  with a black mount and glazed.  

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EIGHTthelma plaster cast

Eighth image in the "Thelma"  Series.  I experiment with many different mediums, frequently producing work through which I explore relationships between the visual and written forms of expression.

FIVEthelma feeding netting jenny meehan
entrance2010 jenny meehanpub

"Entrance Relief" - Jenny Meehan  

Sculpture, digital imagery, mosaic and drawing are all mediums I use in order to progress.


Though this website focuses mostly on my paintings,  do scroll through my Jenny Meehan Contemporary Artist's Journal for a wider overview of what my artworking entails.




Jenny Meehan

 Artist -Author - Painter - Poet


Jenny Meehan

is based in East Surrey/South West London, UK.

.The "jamartlondon" website gives you an introduction to my art working. For a more extensive online publication of my creative project follow my activities in more detail through the  "Jenny Meehan Artist's Journal - The Artist's Meandering Discourses - Poetry - Painting - Spirituality"  on Wordpress.com.


"Jenny Meehan Artist's Journal - The Artist's Meandering Discourses" is an area for personal exploration, notetaking, and thinking out loud.  There is a larger variety of my art work published in  my online Journal; Skim reading recommended.






Due to technical changes with my website hosting company and my not wanting to spend hours rebuilding this website, I won't be updating this site, but I will keep it online.


Go to my wordpress blog or instagram for up to date information.  


The contact form here stilll works, so contact me using that, or email me.

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