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til the cows come home 2012pub jenny meehan

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,

and paints his own nature into his pictures.”


— Henry Ward Beecher

" Lost Sheep"  Acrylic, Pigments, Acrylic Mediums and Fillers, Glass Beads and Sand, Acrylic Paint.  On Linen.  50x70cm  

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While interested in high levels of abstraction in painting I also enjoy painting which relates more directly to the natural world and often paint representational paintings  focused on landscape and the figure.  As a painter, I am naturally obsessed with paint, but I highly value the skills of drawing and observation which form the necessary training for any artist eye, and therefore I make it my practice, however experimental my playing may be, of continuing to develop the structures which inform any visual expression, regardless of style.  

Examples of paintings are located under the subheading tabs.  




This website focuses on displaying selected examples of highly expressive lyrical abstract paintings but if you wish to see a wider range of my work, just ask.  


I create paintings using a mixture of both artistic intuition and formal considerations and each painting evolves in its own way.  Human experience, emotion, and my own personal life journey form the centre of my work. The brokeness of human experience fascinates me, as well as the potential for growth and renewal.


Paintings are sold when no longer required for exhibition purposes, so do contact me to enquire about availability if you see a painting you like.  


Rough price guide for original artwork is

£60 - £400 depending on medium and size.



Come and meet me this year at the Kingston Artists' Open Studios!  

KAOS OPEN STUDIOS 10th/11th and 17th/18th June 2017  11 - 5pm at Studio KAOS 2 , 14 Liverpool Road Kingston  KT2 7SZ

It’s no time at all! So pop this in your diary and make yourself a nice day out. Walk by the river in Kingston, Stroll in the park, walk along the studio trail, pop into a little cafe! Meet KAOS (we are a lovely bunch of creatives) and take a look at what we love investing ourselves into! And if you are someone who does collect art, be it just a few pieces or many, make a good choice and visit the artists direct…You can talk with us and find out more about the work in a way that you wouldn’t be able to do in a different context.

There are  90 artists showing work in total.  I am showing at KAOS 2, along with 8 other artists:

Sandra Beccarelli, Cressida Borrett, Lizzie Brewer, Caroline Calascione, Ikuko Danby, Bali Edwards, Yuka Maeda, and Anna Tikhomirova!  See you there!