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Paintings Two

harbour painting 201web river journey paintingpub 2016web mending paintingpweb pushing it a bit painting 2016web
no fear paintingweb

"No Fear" Original Painting by Jenny Meehan 20x16inches on hardboard.  Latex Emulsion, Acrylic Paint, Keim Optil (Silicate Mineral Paint)


"The Realm of Between/Pushing it a Bit" Original painting by Jenny Meehan

"Mending" Original Painting by Jenny Meehan

"River Journey" Original Painting by Jenny Meehan

"Harbour" Original painting by Jenny Meehan

the snail in the studio painting17web
simple piece paintingweb

"Crossing Over/Simple Piece" Original painting by Jenny Meehan

mad moment painting july 2016web

"Water Fight/Mad Moment"

dark night painting jenny meehan web

"Dark Energy/Night/Matter ("The dark, too, blooms and sings,")


"To Know the Dark"  45 x 99cm acrylic on board, framed.

"Snail in the Studio" Painting by Jenny Meehan

Each year I take part in  Kingston Artists' Open Studios.

If you are interested in coming along to a Kingston-Upon-Thames in Surrey Artists' Open Studios, then contact me via the contact form on this website and I can place you on my mailing list.


I also periodically hold a smaller Open Studio Event in my work space.  If you wish to view an original painting at another time of year, contact me and I will let you know when the next individual Open Studio event is to be held.





Jenny Meehan - Licensable Images - Quick and Easy to License


If you wish to obtain a license to use a work of art by Jenny Meehan, please contact Jenny Meehan in the first instance to clarify your requirements.  


This is quick and easy for both parties and is organised either directly with the artist or through a collective management organisation; DACS, depending on nature of use.



Painting “Dark Night: The dark, too, blooms and sings”


My process led lyrically abstract painting is one part of my poetic expression.


The second part of the title of this painting is from the poem “To Know the Dark” by Wendell Berry.  Through spending time with this painting, I hope your gazing will convey a sense of the beauty, harmony, and balance, which expresses  something of what God is.  The constant counterbalancing of light and darkness, both within and without, and the process of discernment we may enter into, as we seek to find God in all things.  For we as we seek,  we too will be found.

"Father, Son and Holy Spirit/ Trinity"   Painting 50x70cm Acrylic paint, various mediums, fillers and pigments, varnish and glass beads on stretched cotton canvas.


  I have been thinking about how to include a crucifix in my painting, but didn't want to go for an obvious representation.  In this painting a cross is suggested by the arrangement of some of the marks.

father son and holy spirit web