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Jenny Meehan Paintings 2018

river runs manip done web

"River Runs" - Jenny Meehan

Acrylic on hardboard 50 x 70cm

"Running Over" - Jenny Meehan

Acrylic on hardboard 70 x 50 cm

breath one web

"Breath One" (2018) - Jenny Meehan

Acrylic and glass beads, on stretched canvas

breath two newcamera2017web


"Breath Two" (2018) - Jenny Meehan

Acrylic and glass beads on stretched canvas

joy pain manip web


"Joy and Pain" Painting - Jenny Meehan

Acrylic paint and glass beads

70 x50 cm stretched canvas

Currently sorting out this page, so incomplete as yet.


Getting ready for this year's Kingston, Surrey Artist's Open Studios.


Kingston Artists' Open Studios (OS18) will be taking place on 9/10th and 16/17th June 2018 from 11am to 5pm each day.  I will be enjoying the kind hospitality of one of my KAOS artist companions just a short walk from Kingston Town centre, not far from the Kingston Gate of Richmond Park.  


It would make a lovely day out to follow a few of the trails in and out of artist's homes and studio spaces, so do come along!


For more details, please contact me via the contact page on jamartlondon.com.  I will put you on my mailing list and send further information as soon as available!


Hope to see you!   Jenny Meehan

More coming soon!