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Mineral Paint Mural

Link to Video on Mural Painting Using Silicate Mineral Paints

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"Goethe's Delight - Liquor Silicium"   Keim Soldalit and pigments on board.  I continue to experiment with Keim Mineral Paints.

Trafalgar Junior School Mural "Friendship".  Designed and painted by Jenny Meehan.


 I worked on a voluntary basis for this project  during 2012. I was assisted by small groups of children.  The selected children's cartoons were arranged, transferred and painted  by John T Freeman, who also led Cartooning Workshops for several of the classes.  

If you are thinking of painting an ecologically friendly mural outside, my recommendation would be to use the Keim Soldalit, which is a third generation silicate mineral paint, for the whole project.  I found the Keim Soldalit easier to use for the linear parts of this mural than the Beeckosil.  This is because Keim Soldalit has an slightly greater  viscosity and is therefore is easier to hold on the brush, and easier to apply more precisely.  For the larger flat areas, the Beeckosil was fine, but for lines/details Keim Soldalit was better.