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“At the still point, there the dance is.”

—T. S. Eliot, “Four Quartets”

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Above, "The Gift of Orange/Where the Still Point is"

“If I were called on to define briefly the word 'art,'

I should call it the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature,

seen through the veil of the soul.”



— Paul Cézanne

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Welcome to "jamartlondon"

personal website of East Surrey/South West London based Painter-Poet-Artist-Author

Jenny (Jennifer) Meehan.  

Jenny Meehan is based in East Surrey/South West London, UK. The jamartlondon website gives you an introduction to her art working. For a more extensive online publication of her creative project follow her activities in more detail through the  "Jenny Meehan Artist's Journal - The Artist's Meandering Discourses - Poetry - Painting - Spirituality"  on Wordpress.com.

Jenny thrives on  experimentation and innovation.  Her highly personal style invites the viewer to embark on their own visual journey, opening up their senses to the interplay of light, colour, texture, movement and stillness.

My artistic practice has several strands.


 If you are interested in digital prints, take a look at the selection of imagery available as prints on Redbubble.com by following the link below:

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"Crossing Over, Letting Go and Entering the World of the Other" by Jenny Meehan


54x44cm external frame.  Acrylic on Hardboard. Sealed with a protective layer of acrylic varnish.  Light natural wood frame.




Jenny (Jennifer) Meehan

Artworking  Surrey/South West London


Using digital imagery, painting, drawing and writing, I take a primarily process-led approach, acting in response to the materials I am working with. It is a spirit and emotion led practice which I  often describe as an articulation of fragmentary experience.  This expresses the core of  my art-working well, as all I create is  autobiographically rooted and expressionistic.  It acts as a kind of  "re-membering"; a way of bringing things together, and making sense of life.


My interest in spirituality and mindfulness mean that I view my art work as a type of contemplative tool, which hopefully enables the viewer to connect with their own emotional life and experiences and gives space in a busy world for imagination and connection.  Working with abstraction provides an opportunity for openness, allowing the viewer to determine their own path into my work, and this is coloured by their own experience and memory, unique to them.  


Contact me if you have any enquiries.  I am happy to arrange studio visits and hold regular Open Studios.  Digital images of my paintings are numerous, and it is  quick and easy to obtain a license for use  through DACS (see end of page for more details).


I am a qualified teacher (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) with a BA Hons in Literature.  I have  experience in teaching both children and adults. My current foci are aesthetic education, the development of practical art making skills, (painting and drawing) facilitating visual and written expression/communication skills, and assisting people in finding a personal voice/personal creative direction. I periodically hold various types of training and creative workshops, and offer individual tuition subject to other commitments.


I am a member of Kingston Artists' Open Studios, Guildford Arts, Kingston Arts, and the Church of England.  I'm interested in spiritual formation, the contemplative way of life,  and emotional and psychological wellbeing.  My artworking is bound up in Christ centred spirituality which is an integral part of my own life journey.  


Contact me through the contact form on this website.


© Jenny Meehan. All Rights Reserved, DACS  To license images of artwork, contact me via the contact form on this website please.  


Jenny Meehan (née Jennifer Gray)

Notable exhibitions include  the Imagined Worlds touring exhibition of artworks inspired by the poem ‘Kubla Khan’ and inclusion in  “Building Bridges, the Female Perspective" at  Tower Bridge Victorian Engine Rooms in 2016. Jenny has been a keen supporter of various charity art exhibitions over the years including the National Brain Appeals  " A Letter in Mind" at Gallery@oxo, South Bank, London  and the "Anatomy for Life" Exhibition for Brighton Sussex University Hospitals Trust in 2015


Selected by a wide range of judges  in open submission exhibitions,  her work appeals to the aesthetic  and emotional discernment of many, and has been displayed in many galleries. These include the Dulwich Picture Gallery, London,  in 2015, as part of their Open Exhibition,  and the Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, West Sussex,  as part of the  Pallant House Gallery/St Wilfrid's Hospice Open Art Exhibition in 2010.


Jenny Meehan's work has been included in several academic projects and and publications including  "Speaking Out - Women Recovering from the Trauma of Violence" by Nicole Fayard in 2014 and the ongoing  "Recovery" Exhibition project - Institute Of Mental Health/City Arts, Nottingham University,  also in 2014. While her romantic, lyrical, expressionistic, abstract paintings offer a contemplative space free from cares and concerns,  other strands of her practice engage with subjects ranging from violence, trauma recovery, psychoanalysis, and mental health.


For more information regarding exhibitions go to the "Exhibitions" section of jamartlondon.com


Jenny Meehan - Licensable Images - Quick and Easy to License



Copyright for all works of art by Jenny Meehan is managed by the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) in the UK. If you wish to obtain a license to use a work of art by Jenny Meehan, please contact Jenny Meehan in the first instance to clarify your requirements.  


This is quick and easy for both parties and is organised through the Design and Artist Copyright Society.


If you use their online form and attach the low resolution image of my artwork which you have found on the internet, they will know which image you seek permission for.  



If you need any further clarification, the DACS website is clear and very helpful indeed, and they would be happy to help you.



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Offices are open 0930 – 1700 Monday through Friday.



KAOS OPEN STUDIOS 9th/10th and 16th/17th June 2018


Put the date in your diary and come and meet me, among others!


If you would like a reminder, contact Jenny Meehan via the contact page!

Redbubble is a "print on demand" website, and the prints are not personally produced or signed by Jenny Meehan, however the quality and service is very good.  I gain a small royalty from any purchase of my work made.