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Grave Yard Glimmers

grave yard glimmers poem mosaicweb

The Grave Yard Glimmers Mosaic, 2018 accompanies the poem "The Grave Yard Glimmers"

Jenny Meehan



The Grave Yard Glimmers




Under grey ground


my shattered self, recovered


crept gentle, back to the moment




a younger me-child




Summer holiday sunshine




picking, glass, stones, off graves


was an open treasure chest.


Even while the body laid low…


sighing with relief…


anticipating release…


for each passing moment.




Simple time steps.


One strand of self to




back to me.




Porous ceramic spreads moisture


Yet only a shadow




meeting edges


I am sorry that I left, and still sometimes leave


these parts of me behind.




Much later,  my rape was a vacation of another kind.




I hover, momentarily, over my body


unable to take in, even in  consciousness


the un-do- able


which was done.




It takes years to cry.


And bodies lie under the floor


even in houses.




Light still


makes glimmers


Glimmers in eyes




Glimmers in finding




all broken


but beautiful.




l hold hope, for you


my friend, and myself


on dream-like, flattened


slates… to write all over


a past story, a new one…




We wash the silver ore, and smelt it


in the smiles of those we love.




Jenny Meehan


August 2018