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Digital Imagery

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Photomechanical Printing


I mainly produce  open, but numbered editions, rather than limited editions, for my photographic artwork.  There are a small number of my images which are printed as limited editions, but generally I prefer to simply sign and number my prints and print them as required.


Open, but numbered editions, can be adapted in lots of different ways, for example, they can be printed in different sizes and on different substrates.  They can be cropped and adjusted as I continue to revise and think about experimenting with them in different ways.  This offers  more creative freedom  to me as the artist, and also offers the buyer more choice in  respect that prints can be custom made to requirements, within certain perimeters  determined by me.  Prints sold numbered and signed, but with no specified restriction in the potential numbers which may be produced, form the bulk of my photographic artwork.  


So, before dismissing this as a sign that your print is automatically, therefore,  more commonplace, bear in mind that it is likely that, in organising my prints in this way, you will be more likely to end up purchasing a print which has been less, not more, printed.  My signed and numbered prints are only produced by me*, and are not printed in large bulk amounts to be sold at a later date...I am not a business venture.  I either print them, or get them printed, (if they are requested), or not.  I can give you a good idea of how many prints have been sold when you purchase one of my photomechanical prints, as I do keep records of them. The reality is that I spend only a tiny proportion of my time producing prints, and sell only a handful each year.


*I do use printing companies as well as my own printing facilities, but I personally check and alter the prints to my own exact specifications, and then sign them when completely happy with the result.


"Yellow Line"  Digital Print - Jenny Meehan   One of the "Chessington" Series


This is an example from a photographic project orientated on finding beauty in the process of disintegration, and in neglected, and unexpected places.  It developed into a comprehensive exploration of textural variation and fuelled my fascination with paint and painted surfaces. Looking backwards, I can appreciate that this early work ultimately provided key inspiration for the painting practice which gradually became my main focus.

west dean river lavant spring morning jenny meehan

River Lavant in Spring (West Dean Estate and Gardens)

Jenny Meehan  Digital Print

One of the "West Dean College" Series

pushchairs in the palm house kew gardens jenny mee

"Pushchairs in the Palm House" (Kew Gardens)  Digital Print - Jenny Meehan


Particular themes and interests emerge through my photography, and water (in many forms), pattern, and many other natural objects, particularly branches, stems, shoots, and rocks, often feature.  The subjects I notice and focus on do subconsciously permeate my being, and often find new expressions in the way I work with paint, even though I don't often seek to represent them pictorially.  



This page shows you a small sample of my black and white photographic imagery.


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Copyright in all images by Jenny Meehan is held by the artist.

Permission must be sought in advance for the reproduction, copying or any other use of any images by Jenny Meehan. Individuals or businesses seeking licenses or permission to use, copy or reproduce any image by Jenny Meehan should, in the first instance, contact Jenny Meehan.




 Jenny Meehan's Wordpress Journal...jennymeehan.wordpress.com


See Affordable Prints section for information on Jenny Meehan's imagery and design available on unsigned prints/merchandise through a print-on-demand website.  Great for interior designers!

exposure jenny meehan 2014 web



"Water in a Copper Bowl"  - Jenny Meehan


Taking photographs can be a form of meditation.  Also a way to deepen the way I observe light, space and form.  This image was taken in a sunlit garden and depicts, in close view, a copper bowl filled with water.  I make it my practice to regularly experiment with new materials and techniques as this helps progression in my creative practice. I made the bowl, and experimented with manipulating different types of  metal in various ways.  This is one photograph in an extensive series where I study light falling on metal.

"Exposure" from the Childhood Series

©jenny meehan


Alongside my lyrically abstract, romantic expressionist paintings runs another strand of work more intimately linked with my autobiographical narrative. Mediums I favour for this are writing, poetry, drawing and photography.  I tend to include this aspect of my work in my online artist's journal.



The publication of my work in any form is normally managed through DACS.  Digital images are quickly available. In the first instance contact me through the contact form on this website.



My paintings and digital work has been published in many forms having been used in book cover design, film, and in research papers, posters, and numerous other publications.  To obtain a licence for use is quick, simple and couldn't be easier, through the Design and Artists Copyright Society, of which I am a member.




Depending on the usage required and your budget, I am flexible with respect to the standard industry fees, and in some circumstances I am happy to negotiate reductions.  The administration is through DACS who will advise you on the standard fee in the first instance.  If this is beyond your budget, I am completely happy for you to request a reduction within the process and I make my decisions on a case by case basis.


If images don't show in simplified view change to standard version! 

Due to technical changes with my website hosting company and my not wanting to spend hours rebuilding this website, I won't be updating this site, but I will keep it online.


Go to my wordpress blog or instagram for up to date information.  


The contact form here stilll works, so contact me using that, or email me.

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Graphic Designers/Book Cover Designers/Interior Designers!



Do you need exciting, engaging, images for a book cover design or other design projects? If so, then take a look at my work on instagram, here, and my blog, for a start.


For book cover use, my artwork is particularly suitable for themes of:  faith, religion,  philosophy, Christian, church,  all faith traditions, inter-faith,  spirituality, the subconscious, psychoanalytic themes, mindfulness,  contemplative practices, healing, health, both physical and mental,  trauma recovery, metaphysical and psychological focused writings, the devotional life, and many other subjects.


Indeed, pretty much any subject matter or theme which benefits from a more abstract graphic image; one which also conveys basic feelings and ideas in an open and experimental manner; would benefit from it's clarity of communication being enhanced by one of my art images.


From the lyrical abstraction of some of abstract expressionist style textured paintings, to the geometric abstraction clear edged imagery, which I also produce, the value of non representational imagery in book cover design which is both colourful and interesting, and stimulates the eye with colour and striking composition, cannot be under estimated.


If you are looking for something particular, do contact me, because I only display a small amount on the internet and may even be able to create something specific to your needs, or be able to locate something from my extensive archives which meets your need.


DACS administrate my licensing agreements and organise the use of my art work images quickly and conveniently.  They are very helpful and can guide you through the process if you are unfamiliar with it.  


I normally follow their guidelines with respect to the fees for licensing, as these are set in line with the industry standard. However, depending on circumstances I can be flexible with licensing fees, so if your budget is restricted, then do still enquire!


Contact me in the first instance please, and I can fill you in on the process, so that the arrangement of a licence is quick, easy, and accessible to you.


There is a substantial reduction in fees for registered charities. Contact me directly first, letting me know which image you require a licence for, and your intended use. I will give you more information regarding the process.    


To find out more about how you can arrange to use my imagery, achievable by having a licence organised for it's legal use,  see here:


https://www.dacs.org.uk/licensing-works/frequently-asked-questions#FAQ122 ...