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Digital Imagery

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Photomechanical Printing


I mainly produce  open, but numbered editions, rather than limited editions, for my photographic artwork.  There are a small number of my images which are printed as limited editions, but generally I prefer to simply sign and number my prints and print them as required.


Open, but numbered editions, can be adapted in lots of different ways, for example, they can be printed in different sizes and on different substrates.  They can be cropped and adjusted as I continue to revise and think about experimenting with them in different ways.  This offers  more creative freedom  to me as the artist, and also offers the buyer more choice in  respect that prints can be custom made to requirements, within certain perimeters  determined by me.  Prints sold numbered and signed, but with no specified restriction in the potential numbers which may be produced, form the bulk of my photographic artwork.  


So, before dismissing this as a sign that your print is automatically, therefore,  more commonplace, bear in mind that it is likely that, in organising my prints in this way, you will be more likely to end up purchasing a print which has been less, not more, printed.  My signed and numbered prints are only produced by me*, and are not printed in large bulk amounts to be sold at a later date...I am not a business venture.  I either print them, or get them printed, if they are requested, or not.  I can give you a good idea of how many prints have been sold when you purchase one of my photomechanical prints, as I do keep records of them. The reality is that I spend only a tiny proportion of my time producing prints, and sell only a handful each year.


*I do use printing companies as well as my own printing facilities, but I personally check and alter the prints to my own exact specifications, and then sign them when completely happy with the result.


"Yellow Line"  Digital Print - Jenny Meehan   One of the "Chessington" Series

west dean river lavant spring morning jenny meehan

River Lavant in Spring (West Dean Estate and Gardens)

Jenny Meehan  Digital Print

One of the "West Dean College" Series

pushchairs in the palm house kew gardens jenny mee

"Pushchairs in the Palm House" (Kew Gardens)  Digital Print - Jenny Meehan


This page shows you a small sample of my black and white photographic imagery.


The majority of my focus is now on painting.



Copyright in all images by Jenny Meehan is held by the artist.

Permission must be sought in advance for the reproduction, copying or any other use of any images by Jenny Meehan. Individuals or businesses seeking licenses or permission to use, copy or reproduce any image by Jenny Meehan should, in the first instance, contact Jenny Meehan.







For insight into the artist and her life, thoughts, feelings and experiences, jump head first into Jenny Meehan's Wordpress Journal...jennymeehan.wordpress.com


See "Affordable Prints" section for information on Jenny Meehan's custom made prints, digital art for interior design, abstract art designs and licensable art.

exposure jenny meehan 2014 web

"Exposure" from the Childhood Series - Jenny Meehan Photographic Art.



"Water in a Copper Bowl"  - Jenny Meehan