JAMARTLONDON - jenny (jennifer) meehan

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Digital Collage


Digital Collage



Informed by my interests in other mediums and techniques, I constantly experiment with light, colour, texture and form in relation to my paintings.  


Working in a piecemeal fashion enables me a degree of space which I utilise by establishing new and exciting relationships between different ongoing projects.


 I often use the photographic images I employ in my process led approach, which are primarily a thinking tool when they are taken, as layers subsequent digital imagery.



hotstuff2goldenhazeredbubweb hotstuff1goldenhazeredbubweb desert shelterweb ice floe curtainsredbubweb first day morning darksummerweb first day eveningweb

Hot Stuff/Refiner 1

Hot Stuff/Refiner 2

Desert Shelter

Ice Floe

First Day, Morning

First Day, Evening

More coming over 2019!