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        Winfi Industries Limited--Dongguan Winfi Luggage & Bags Manufacturing Co., Ltd
        About Winfi ( luggage & Suitcase Manufacturer)
        Dongguan Winfi Luggage & Bags Manufacturing Co., Ltd, affiliated to WINFI INDUSTRIES LIMITED, is a company specializing in processing and producing luggage and suitcases. Winfi was founded in 2004, at the beginning, it only had a small workshop of 2,500 square meters. But after years’ hard work and improving, the factory area has expanded to 40,000 square meters. 
         Honesty and trustworthiness are our cornerstones, while being recognized by customers is our goal. At the same time, Winfi insists on market guided, understanding and keeping up with market demands, and continuously developing new products that are both characteristic and popular, which makes our products always in the forefront of peers. Besides, Winfi implements scientific management and complies with national standards. Each detail of products must be passed strict quality inspection, therefore, the quality can be fully guaranteed. 
        Winfi not only has plenty of experience in independent research and development, but also can design and produce luggage and suitcases according to requirements. With the long-term efforts of R&D staffs, Winfi has more than 30 varieties of luggage and suitcases, such as ABS trolley case, PC trolley case, business boarding trolley case, travel case, leather case, children's trolley case, etc. 
         When Winfi funded, Our luggage and suitcases were mainly supplied to the customers who were from different cities in China. However, with the improvement of production management and quality control system, Winfi luggage and suitcases becomes more and more famous . Hence, Winfi began to open oversea market. And now Winfi has maintained business relationships with customers who are from 60 countries around the world. Winfi luggage and suitcases are used quality materials including pure PC materials, ABS / PC mixed materials, nylon, Oxford fabric, PU and so on. The most distinctive service of Winfi is to listen to the demands of customers, then transform the customer's demands into physical objects, and provide customers with the most suitable luggage products. 
         Over the years, the key to success of Winfi is constantly improving the quality management system, strictly abiding by the business principles of integrity, and striving for excellence, fast and professional customer service. AMWAY, HILTI, Lenovo and other world-class brands cooperate with us; Customers who are from France, Britain, Italy, the United States and other countries import our products; Besides, domestic major banks, brand chain education institutions specify us to make luggage & suitcases for them. 
         No matter who you are, where you are from , Winfi as a good luggage and suitcases manufacturer will continue to listen to your demands and provide you with the best service and products! If you are interested in our luggage & suitcases and services, please feel free to contact us to request a catalogue! Thank you!