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Affordable Prints

Alternatively, you might wish to use one of my artworks/designs for a variety of purposes, ie promotional material,  interior wall decoration, a much larger print than I offer personally, book covers, or merchandise, for example.


In this case it is quick and easy for a license for use of the image to be arranged through DACS (Design and Artists' Copyright Society).



Find out more here: https://www.dacs.org.uk/licensing-works


In the first instance contact Jenny Meehan via the contact form on this website with a brief description on your proposed use and the image which you are interested in using.  A license can be arranged through the Design and Artist's Copyright Society quickly and easily.

There are two main strands to my  visual creative practice, one being original fine paintings and the other being mechanically reproduced prints.  I do not often artificially limit my prints in number, but it is safe to say that numbers are very well limited by the amount of time I spend on creating them.  


Digital prints made by me personally  are numbered and signed, and I keep my own records, but their number will be naturally limited by nature of my own mortality!  "Numbered and signed" prints are  NOT the same as "limited editions". I describe them as "numbered editions", but the number of prints possible is open ended.  This gives me greater flexibility as their creator in that I can make them in a variety of formats and sizes,  and on different substrates.  

Most of the signed/numbered and unsigned/open edition mechanical prints of my work are not reproductions of paintings or drawings but are works true to their own medium which is photographic imagery, either originating from a photographic image or from photo-manipulation software.  If I think a work in another medium suitable for translation into digital imagery and printing, then I will do this, but not indiscriminately.  


I also produce  monotypes, using traditional printing techniques and sometimes hand finished digital prints on various substrates.



Selected imagery is available unsigned and un-numbered for use on print-on-demand merchandise.  Funding is much needed to pay for painting materials and this facility helps in a small way by giving me a royalty from each sale.  Please do consider purchasing some of my printed artwork as this is an easy and mutually beneficial way help support my creative project.


I have two portfolios on the print-on-demand site redbubble.com.  















Wow Egg Digital Print by British Visual Artist Jenny Meehan


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Graphic Designers/Book Cover Designers/Interior Designers!



Do you need exciting, engaging, images for a book cover design or other design projects? If so, then take a look at my work on instagram, here, and my blog, for a start.


For book cover use, my artwork is particularly suitable for themes of:  faith, religion,  philosophy, Christian, church,  all faith traditions, inter-faith,  spirituality, the subconscious, psychoanalytic themes, mindfulness,  contemplative practices, healing, health, both physical and mental,  trauma recovery, metaphysical and psychological focused writings, the devotional life, and many other subjects.


Indeed, pretty much any subject matter or theme which benefits from a more abstract graphic image; one which also conveys basic feelings and ideas in an open and experimental manner; would benefit from it's clarity of communication being enhanced by one of my art images.


From the lyrical abstraction of some of abstract expressionist style textured paintings, to the geometric abstraction clear edged imagery, which I also produce, the value of non representational imagery in book cover design which is both colourful and interesting, and stimulates the eye with colour and striking composition, cannot be under estimated.


If you are looking for something particular, do contact me, because I only display a small amount on the internet and may even be able to create something specific to your needs, or be able to locate something from my extensive archives which meets your need.


DACS administrate my licensing agreements and organise the use of my art work images quickly and conveniently.  They are very helpful and can guide you through the process if you are unfamiliar with it.  


I normally follow their guidelines with respect to the fees for licensing, as these are set in line with the industry standard. However, depending on circumstances I can be flexible with licensing fees, so if your budget is restricted, then do still enquire!


Contact me in the first instance please, and I can fill you in on the process, so that the arrangement of a licence is quick, easy, and accessible to you.


There is a substantial reduction in fees for registered charities. Contact me directly first, letting me know which image you require a licence for, and your intended use. I will give you more information regarding the process.    


To find out more about how you can arrange to use my imagery, achievable by having a licence organised for it's legal use,  see here:


https://www.dacs.org.uk/licensing-works/frequently-asked-questions#FAQ122 ...