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About Jenny Meehan; Fine Artist, Teacher, and Mentor.

"We must try to step aside from the confusion of schools, movements, and current fads, and attempt to see the whole story of art as a meaningful effort of mankind...Art is a product of evolution  - not often a result of revolution - a product of meaningful insights accumulated by artists over thousands of years.  Fortunately, these insights cannot be easily erased; they continue to endure and they eventually modify and absorb the useful products of revolution"


From "The Meaning of Abstraction" by Nathan Cabot Hale.


"Working with abstract elements of art: line,  shape-form-mass,  pattern,  scale-proportion-space, analysis-dissection, lightness-darkness and colour, is a joyful task, with endless opportunities to explore and experiment.  Over the last three years, I've been fortunate enough to develop my painting which has moved from the representational/figurative into the more imaginative/suggestive realm, but I am quite sure that the only reason for this is that I have "fallen in love" with the materials I use to such an extent that it no longer feels like what I paint needs to be a central focus. "


Jenny/Jennifer Meehan



If you would like to support my creative work financially but don't want to buy my paintings, I can accept a gift quickly and easily through the Paypal.me process.  


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Jenny is

particularly interested in the relationships between creativity, spirituality and health and wellbeing, and uses both Christian contemplative practices and participation in regular psychoanalysis to inform the direction and development of her artistic practice. Her  artist's blog on Wordpress.com is " Jenny Meehan Artist's Journal - The Artist's Meandering Discourse."  


From 2010, I continued my artistic professional training over a period of six years through the short course programme at West Dean College, near Chichester and local adult education provision. Alongside my fine art practice, I am involved in art tuition, both individual and small group.  I am also trained in offering spiritual direction/mentoring from within the Christian faith tradition.


I prefer a process led approach to art making, and while the artwork I create is informed by my research activities, my outlook on life, and personal experiences, it is the formal aesthetic qualities and what I perceive as the presence, or poetry of the work itself, which I am most concerned with.  My visual art is intimately connected with my writing and poetry, and the relationship between these two strands of my creativity is a lively and interesting one."


"After a BTEC course in Art and Design, and various roles in the public sector,  I studied at Hillcroft  Women's College in Surbiton.  My interest in Literature and History of Art led me forwards to  Kingston University for a BA Hons Degree in Literature. A Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Roehampton University led to a career in teaching for several years.

Due to technical changes with my website hosting company and my not wanting to spend hours rebuilding this website, I won't be updating this site, but I will keep it online.


Go to my wordpress blog or instagram for up to date information.  


The contact form here stilll works, so contact me using that, or email me.

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Graphic Designers/Book Cover Designers/Interior Designers!



Do you need exciting, engaging, images for a book cover design or other design projects? If so, then take a look at my work on instagram, here, and my blog, for a start.


For book cover use, my artwork is particularly suitable for themes of:  faith, religion,  philosophy, Christian, church,  all faith traditions, inter-faith,  spirituality, the subconscious, psychoanalytic themes, mindfulness,  contemplative practices, healing, health, both physical and mental,  trauma recovery, metaphysical and psychological focused writings, the devotional life, and many other subjects.


Indeed, pretty much any subject matter or theme which benefits from a more abstract graphic image; one which also conveys basic feelings and ideas in an open and experimental manner; would benefit from it's clarity of communication being enhanced by one of my art images.


From the lyrical abstraction of some of abstract expressionist style textured paintings, to the geometric abstraction clear edged imagery, which I also produce, the value of non representational imagery in book cover design which is both colourful and interesting, and stimulates the eye with colour and striking composition, cannot be under estimated.


If you are looking for something particular, do contact me, because I only display a small amount on the internet and may even be able to create something specific to your needs, or be able to locate something from my extensive archives which meets your need.


DACS administrate my licensing agreements and organise the use of my art work images quickly and conveniently.  They are very helpful and can guide you through the process if you are unfamiliar with it.  


I normally follow their guidelines with respect to the fees for licensing, as these are set in line with the industry standard. However, depending on circumstances I can be flexible with licensing fees, so if your budget is restricted, then do still enquire!


Contact me in the first instance please, and I can fill you in on the process, so that the arrangement of a licence is quick, easy, and accessible to you.


There is a substantial reduction in fees for registered charities. Contact me directly first, letting me know which image you require a licence for, and your intended use. I will give you more information regarding the process.    


To find out more about how you can arrange to use my imagery, achievable by having a licence organised for it's legal use,  see here:


https://www.dacs.org.uk/licensing-works/frequently-asked-questions#FAQ122 ...