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2014 Paintings

Below is "Bright n' Breezy"  Acrylic and Oil  on Canvas and under that "Buried Mother"  Oil on Canvas



These are selected examples. Both available.

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Above is "Clog Dance/Sacred Dance".  Oil on stretched cotton canvas. Available.


Below is "Summer Seaside  2014" Acrylic paints, pigments,  various acrylic mediums, sand, glass beads.



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Below is "Waterfall" - Jenny Meehan  

Inspired by life and also the Arshile Gorky  "Waterfall"  at Tate Modern, which I love to look at!

An experiment with oil paint on ground of Keim Soldalit Grobb.

contemplation jenny meehanweb

Garden of Gethsemane/\Under the Tree is below.  Oil on linen. Sold.

running one holocaust memorialweb

Above is "Running 1" which was painted for the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust Competition 2014  Acrylic on canvas mounted on board.


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the gift of orange jenny meehan web

"The Gift of Orange/Where the Still Point is"

and below:

Divine Intervention

both acrylic paint, glass beads, various acrylic mediums and fillers, pigments.

summer painting 2014web divine interventionweb

In order to indicate a little more regarding the surface of the painting, this side lit image shows better the interplay between colour and texture.  Many of my paintings change as the day and the light alters, as the various surface textures and finishes affect the appearance to the eye.

divine intervention side lightweb correct

“The painting rises from the brushstrokes

as a poem rises from the words.

The meaning comes later.”


— Joan Miró

It's quick and easy to license an image of a painting by Jenny Meehan.  Just contact me via the contact page of this website.

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Many different painters influence my painting, both past and present.  Key painters who come instantly to mind  include Ivon Hitchens,  Claude Venard, Turner, Picasso, Max Beckmann, Manet, Paul Klee, Alan Davie.  The reality is much wider, as I continue to visit many galleries and meet many wonderful artists.   I  remain always grateful to those tutors at West Dean College and other Educational establishments who have taught me.